Bert's Testing and Training Services Inc.

Education & Training 

Bert's Testing and Training Services, Inc was established in 1995. 

We offer a full Truck Driver Training program  for Class "A" CDL License.
  Our certified instructors have the experience help you become the best driver you can be. 

CDL Group A (Semi) 

The Training Program for CDL  Class "A" (170 credit hours)

TIP Class: General Knowledge, Air Brakes and Combination test preparation.
Master Driving Class: Driving techniques, Speed & Space Management and Accident Procedures
Log Book Class: Hours of service training (11,14& 34 hour rules)
Classroom training is the only group sessions.

Tractor-Trailer Driver-Training Manual:  Follows the Professional Truck Driver Institute's endorsed curriculum

Behind the Wheel Training: Is done with our specialized one-on-one training

Road Test: Final road test with a 3rd Party Examiner 

* Additional training is not included in price

CDL Group B (Straight Truck)

The Training Program for CDL Class "B" (110 credit hours)

Your classroom is comparable to the CDL A 

Common Questions

How much can  I make ?

Drivers are paid by the miles or the hour. Drivers can make between $700.00 to $1000.00 per week. Benefits may include Medical, Dental , Vision and 401K .

How will the companies know that I have been to a certified  school?

We are a 170  credit hour educational program that will provide you with a certificate of completion. Successfully completing the program with a minimum of 80% within 10 weeks is general required by most larger carriers and the State of Michigan .

How much does it cost and how will I pay of it ?

We work with Government Funding Agency's as well as some companies.
Private pay must have 50% at time of attending and the final cost paid by the time you finish.

 Bert's Testing and Training - Services

Driver evaluation check rides: 
When is the last time you did a check ride with your drivers? One accident can hurt your company rating on CSA score.
Have Bert's Testing do evaluation check rides with drivers to asses their skill level and eliminate bad habits. 
  • Vehicle Inspection: Inspect the trucks cab area, engine, fluids, tires, suspension and brakes
  • Maneuvering: Check ability to perform basic backup maneuvers
  • Driving: Check general driving behaviors such as  traffic checks, lane usage, braking, steering and shifting. 

Classroom Training

TIP (Temporary Instructional Permit.)
This is an 8 hour classroom session based on Secretary of States’ written exam for your learners permit.
Entry Level Driver Training
As required under 49 CFR Part 380.503 This includes Driver Qualifications: Maintaining your career, Driver Wellness and Health, Driver Fatigue, Hours of Service Regulations and USDOT Whistle Blower Protections.
Log Book
Trip plan and Map reading 11/14 hour rules how to fill out your log book properly and when do you need it New Rules on the 1/2 hour break and the 1 to 5.
Master Driving videos
That deal with driver techniques, speed and space management and accident procedures. 
Hazardous Perception
Search and scan techniques: pedestrians, blind spots, driving at night, weather conditions, safety on accidents
If needed, the classroom portion of the educational program can be conducted at your facility.

CSA- Compliance , Safety & Accountability
This is data within the DOT regulation 
There are 7  Modules  This is what creates the BASIC
1. Unsafe Driving , 2. Fatigued Driving, 3. Driving Fitness, 3. Driving Fitness. 4. Drugs and Alcohol, 5. Vehicle Maintenance,
 6. Cargo Loading and Securement, 7. Crash History

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